Buy a CO2 meter to reduce all risks

29 November 2018

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The measurement of carbon dioxide is required in many applications, from building automation and greenhouses to life science and safety. That is why you can now buy a CO2 meter from Factory Lab, so you can be sure that you meet all the requirements to run your business. When buying a CO2 meter, you will reduce all risks what carbon dioxide brings in case you’re exposed with elevated concentrations. We are happy to explain how a CO2 meter works and how you can buy the CO2 meter in our webshop. In addition, we can help you at any time through advice, so you can be sure that you are buying the right product.

Buy a CO2 meter and experience a whole new world

Carbon dioxide is a non-toxic and non-combustible gas. However, exposure to elevated concentrations can result in mortal danger. When CO2 gas or dry ice is used, produced, shipped or stored, the CO2 danger can reach high levels. Because CO2 is odorless and colorless, leaks are impossible to detect, which means that appropriate sensors are needed to ensure the safety of the personnel. Therefore it’s necessary to buy a CO2 meter, so you can reduce the risks. To place the CO2 meter, please make sure you place them on the optimal locations:

  • Avoid places where it is possible for people to breathe directly on the sensor.
  • Do not place the sensors in the vicinity of inlet or outlet ducts, or near windows and doors.

In demand-controlled ventilation, wall-mounted sensors provide more accurate data on the effectiveness of ventilation than sensors mounted on the duct. Sensor-mounted sensors are best suited for single-zone systems and should be installed as close to the occupied space as possible to allow easy access. When measuring CO2 for personal safety, transmitters must be installed close to potential leak points to enable early detection. The geometry, ventilation and airflow of the controlled area must be taken into account. The number and location of the CO2 transmitters must be based on risk assessment. Our CO2 meter is directly connected to LoRa, Long Range Radio Network, which doesn’t use a 3G or WiFi connection. All data is stored into a database, where you can analyse and optimize this data. This gives you a good picture of the benefits and risks that you have at your company. Here you can then respond to the information you have to improve your business. To buy a CO2 meter, please go to Here you can find more information about our CO2 meter and the system which operates to collect data (LoRa).

Your specialist in CO2 measurements

Factory Lab is your specialist in the field of CO2 measurements, soil moisture measurements and everything in the field of new technologies to make this possible. We have a wide range of products based on LoRa and the qualities of this product. With our experience and products we hope to optimize your company and give you knowledge of the modern technology that our company can offer. Take a quick look at our webshop to see what we have in store for you. For example, you can purchase our products if you want to carry out a CO2 measurement. Do you want more information? Please contact us using the contact details on our website. You can also fill in the contact form. Our employees will then contact you as soon as possible to answer your questions and provide you with advice.

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