Ordering Kawasaki genuine parts for my customers

4 September 2018

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I have a lot of customers who are huge fans of Kawasaki motorbikes. They are collectors, passionate about their motorbikes and worshippers of Kawasaki. Any repairs that they need must be done with Kawasaki genuine parts. And I totally get it. I am more of a classic bikes man myself, but if I had a Kawasaki I would always choose Kawasaki genuine parts whenever something on my motorcycle needed replacing. Kawasaki are known for the precise engineering, and of course the same can be said for Kawasaki genuine parts. Sure, they cost more than some third party versions, in some cases a lot more, but in this case I genuinely believe that you get what you pay for.

Ordering the Kawasaki genuine parts that we need

I have a garage in the north east of England, close to Sunderland, together with my brother, Brian. We have been running the garage for more than 20 years, after taking over from our father when he retired. An awful lot has changed in that time. If our father was still around, I am not sure he would recognise the business world we are working in nowadays. Some of it is negative:

  • The time pressure;
  • The culture of complaining about anything which is not absolutely perfect;
  • The less mechanical bikes which cannot be repaired in the same way;
  • The big companies taking over the sector.

But there are a lot of fantastic recent developments that make some parts of our work a lot easier. One of the big changes recently for us has been the discovery of the website from Double R Parts. We were having trouble finding Kawasaki genuine parts for a reasonable price, without having to order in from Asia, with the waiting times and taxes that that involves. Now, when a customer demands Kawasaki genuine parts, and particularly when they want them as soon as possible (which is, of course, every customer), our first stop is https://doublerparts.com. We log on to their business to business webshop, and are able to search easily and quickly through the parts they have available. They have the widest variety of Kawasaki genuine parts that we have encountered in Europe, and despite being based across the sea in Holland the delivery times are always impressively quick. They have more or less all of the Kawasaki genuine parts that we have ever searched for, in fact I can’t remember any customer who was searching for Kawasaki genuine parts that we have had to disappoint since we discovered Double R Parts. They get the parts to our garage in much less time than we thought would be possible and we have never been anything less than completely satisfied with the service that they provide us with.

The downside of third-party parts

Buying third-party parts for your bike can make great sense. They are almost invariably cheaper. For some brands they are virtually identical, or perhaps even superior, to the original parts. And for classic bikes they are often more widely available than original parts, and sometimes they are the only option. But in general, Kawasaki genuine parts are different. They are manufactured to incredibly high standards, and they always fit perfectly. I am told by customers who ride a Kawasaki that they really can tell the difference, particularly for important parts. And some parts improve the performance, efficiency and sounds of a motorbike. Third-party parts often are not built to the same standards and tend to fail more quickly, sometimes leading to catastrophic failures.

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