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25 April 2019

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Living in The Netherlands as a foreigner is not easy at all. It is true that almost everybody here speaks English, but you never really get to feel part of the Dutch community. While this is the case for many internationals, some decided to set up a Dutch Business to change their lives around. If you think it is a process too difficult to start, think again but before you do, check While you sit and wonder what can you do to be part more of the community, as an international you often have a group of international friends who are living just as much at the outskirts of the Dutch community as you are. But you need to stop overthinking and start doing: set up a Dutch Business and decide today to be part of your environment and community! 

Set up a Dutch Business with Intercompany Solutions

Believe it or not, the process of opening a business in The Netherlands does not have to be complicated at all! In fact, the experts working at this company are trained in company formation processes, accounting and immigration requirements. They know everything you need to do to set up a Dutch Business. Although you might be wondering how can they solve everything you are required to do, their website tells you exactly in which areas they provide assistance and what kind of services you can expect:

  • a free initial consultation
  • a personal account manager
  • business law experts who will ensure that the process works well
  • transparent and affordable
  • swift procedure

It has honestly never been easier to set up a Dutch Business. With their help, you do not need to do virtually anything! You do have to communicate with them and let them do the job they are experts at doing, and that is to set up a Dutch Business. Reach them via phone or email, and ask them everything you need to know before deciding that their services are indeed the best options for you. Helping customers who originally come from over 30 countries, they know how important it is that the process goes smoothly for you. They never disappoint as they have a 100% satisfaction guaranteed promise. 

Now, your days pass by differently

While you were concerned about not giving back to the community and not really being part of it, now that you set up a Dutch Business you can start building a network to help others who feel like you! Regardless of the kind of company you just started, it is important to never forget where you began everything. Be kind to others who might feel the way you used to, and do not give up easily on your new company: it takes time to achieve success. Make sure that you also tell others how convenient and helpful these experts have been for you, and how much of the process they handled in your behalf. Your days now are full of conversation with locals, which is ultimately what you wanted! You are a part of the community, start enjoying!

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