What do you need to know about the Dutch company register?

18 März 2020

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There are several things that you need to know about the Dutch company register. Every company that does business in the Netherlands is listed on the Dutch company register. The Dutch company register is better known as the Chamber of Commerce and that exactly is where we want to talk about. Read more about the Dutch company register and make sure that after you have read this article, you won’t have any questions that

What does the Chamber of Commerce?

There are a lot of things that the Chamber of Commerce does, amongst others the following things. Providing information and supporting entrepreneurs on the main entrepreneurial topics. The Chamber of Commerce is a logical point where entrepreneurs can contact the public authorities. This is not only for compulsory matters such as registration, but also if they wish to seek advice on topics they deal with on a daily basis. You can contact the service centre for entrepreneurs at any time you want, during this period it is most likely that you contact them online, but they are also easy to reach by telephone and entrepreneurs are furthermore always welcome to visit one of the nineteen physical offices. The regional Chamber of Commerce is called the Enterprises Plazas, this place can also be visited. They play a very important role in a signifiant role in the further development of e-government services, which is really upcoming, especially due to the Corona crisis.

Dutch Company register: what are the requirements exactly?

A Dutch business registration is concluded, i.e. completed with an entry in the Dutch Trade Register. Incidentally, the Netherlands is a perfect place to run a business. The country is very suitable, but there are requirements when it comes to the Dutch company register. Requirements for the register of a Dutch company include the following.
  • The company needs a unique company name
  • 1 euro minimum share capital
  • A Dutch registration address is required
And more things are needed. Think about a bank account for your company.
In order to apply for a bank account for your company, you must first have your company established. These things are inextricably linked. After the establishment, the share capital can be deposited into your own bank account and the process can be completed. The bank account can then immediately be used for doing business transactions and more. The Dutch Chamber of Commerce thus regulates the Dutch company register, which is a register of all active companies in the Netherlands. A number of things are also important. A new company registration in the Netherlands is therefore the first step. The name of the new Dutch company has not yet been chosen, so it starts with choosing a new, unique name. Another important thing is that, according to Dutch law, every legal entity will have to file annual accounts with the Trade Register. This is possible, but what exactly is the role of the Dutch Chamber of Commerce in this? Its role is the following, namely to register this information. All annual accounts of Dutch companies are kept by the Dutch Trade Register.
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